About Us

Sugar Plump Fairy

Nancy boy. T-shirt whore. Idiot.

Bears, cubs, queers, bellies and fat bottomed babes make our world go round. The MO behind most of our designs is to help you flirt better and harder in the real world - we want to help you find people you click with. We want you to get laid :)

What we choose to wear says something about us, whether that be to be seen or to blend in - it’s no surprise to say that we want people to get noticed. And sure, not every t-shirt design is for everyone, but if just one becomes your new favourite tee…. well that’s a total win for us.  

Currently we stock tees and other apparel in sizes Small - 5XL, where available.

Here’s some nice stuff people have said:

I fucken love this tee. It's a pretty fair assessment of who I am and my tummy feels seen. The colour combo is wonderful.

SPF shows off wit, irreverent sense of humour and craftsmanship with this T. I love the comments I get when I wear it.

I gave the pole dancer tee to my lezzo mate and it was a huge hit. The SPF aesthetic is both fun and kinda transgressive. Great design and a really great quality product.

It fits so comfortably, the fabric is soft and the stitching is excellent. It's rare to find a high quality T-shirt that you know is going to last a long time.

Lost my t-shirt in a Berlin darkroom - can I buy another?**

Sugar Plump Fairy is operated out of Melbourne Australia by Gerard Frank Long, and the company engages smaller and more innovative businesses with strong social & eco-responsibility policies to manufacture, print, pack, parcel and send goods. Gerard also moonlights as a DJ under the same name, and has been running gay-ass discos for Every Body for 10 years (right now, Bruno Disco). He is currently in his Dad Era and not hating it.  

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**We’d sold out of his size, but congratulated him on being a Wonder Slut.