How it Works

Sugar Plump Fairy products are all screen printed on AS Colour t-shirts using local Collingwood (Melbourne, Australia) businesses. Many of these designs will be limited edition - reprints could happen in future, but so might another accessible Björk album. We just don't know**.

We welcome your photo submissions for our social channels if you feel like you are bringing it to the runway in one of our designs! Feel free to tag us on Insta too @sugarplumpfairyhq - we'll love you 4EVA.

In future, we want to support and work with queer artists in queer ways to release limited edition products that speak the Sugar Plump language. Our policy is to share a fair chunk of the earnings with creators - it's only fair. 

We'd also like to be working with community groups on fund raising projects that give something back to the people and organisations who care for our tribes. If you work within these industries and have an idea, we'd love to hear from you.


**We'd like to state that Björk owes us nothing, having brought so much joy and staggering music into this world. There is no end to her talent and beauty.